Opening: Artisan Meat Share

Spring Fever


A few months ago when I was interviewing Craig Deihl about heritage hogs, I asked him if he’d ever consider opening a butcher shop. He laughed — but the Cypress chef didn’t let on that in fact he actually had one in the works. This summer Deihl will open Artisan Meat Share at 33 Spring St. The small butcher shop and cafe will seat 30 and offer his award-winning (read: mouth-watering) charcuterie. A press release also informs us that he’ll also be serving a stacked Italian cold cut sub, pâté melt, knuckle sandwich, and more, and will have retails items like kimchi, pimento cheese, and sauerkraut for sale too.

Interestingly Deihl joins a flurry of new businesses opening on a street that the New York Times recently said can “border on sketchy,” including Wine Awesomeness’ at 94 Spring St. and Sweet & Savory Cafe at 100A Spring St. Charcuterie, wine, and sweets? Forget sketchy. Spring now borders on bougie.

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