Could Normandy Farm Bakery be opening at 106 Grove St.?

Baked goods and beer? Cheers to that.


BZA sign outside 108 Grove Street
  • BZA sign outside 108 Grove Street

Back in December Black Tap owners Jayme Scott and Ross Jett announced plans to build out the Ark Lounge (106 Grove St.) into a second location. The shift from a dive key club (noted for its lingering herd of mangy cats) to a sleek coffee shop had neighbors on the Wagener Terrace Facebook page thrilled. Alas, the plan fell through.

But we've learned this week that a new development has come up and it looks like Wag T could be getting Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery's fourth location.

A sign posted on a light pole outside the Lounge requests special exception to allow a bar and bakery at 106 and 108 Grove St. It says hours would be from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Mon.-Sun. with on-premise beer and wine. The owner is listed as Mike Ray — owner of Normandy Farm. We left a voice mail and email with Ray to confirm and haven't heard back. But it looks as if the former home to many a Citadel cadet's first cheap pint will now be a fueling station for the swelling neighborhood. Wonder if Pat Conroy would approve?

In other news, Scott and Jett tell us they're still searching for a second Black Tap location. 

: Natalie Taylor, VP of Wagener Terrace's neighborhood association posted on Facebook: Unfortunately due to expensive updates needed on the building, Normandy has decided to look for another venue. We are still hoping it will be in WTNA but it won't be at 106 Grove St.

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