Artisan Meat Share offers $50 sandwich

Think big


Chef Craig Deihl and friends attack a Big Italian at this year's Spoleto Finale - PROVIDED
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  • Chef Craig Deihl and friends attack a Big Italian at this year's Spoleto Finale
When we first read the Twitter chatter this morning about Artisan Meat Share's $50 16-inch Big Italian sub, we couldn't believe it? But it turns out, it's true. Mostly.

The menu reads:


But AMS' Chef de Cuisine Bob Cook says it's worth it.

"It’s actually bigger," Cook says. "The menu says 16 inches, but it’s more like 20 or 24 inches. We put a minimum on the menu so that we could under promise and over deliver."

And unlike AMS' traditional Italian which is served on a sub roll, The Big Italian is laid out on crusty ciabatta bread that's baked to order — thus the required 72 hours notice. 

If they can make them up to 24-inches long, could they make the sandwiches even longer? Cook says no. "There are limits to the oven," he adds.

But there aren't such limits to the amount of meat on each sandwich. The Big Italian comes loaded. "It's stacked up with more meat," Cook says. "More like a party platter kind of thing." That means more olive loaf, finocchiona, and picante salami than a regular Italian. 

And while AMS has yet to take an order for the Gucci sub, the restaurant got the idea from the Italian subs the staff at their sister restaurant Cypress makes each New Year's Eve. 

Suffice it to say, this is not the Subway 6-foot Giant Sub you had at your ninth birthday. If that's what you're after, there's a sandwich artist on King Street who can help you. Otherwise, AMS has carnivore-friendly holiday party trays covered. Just remember to order in advance.

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