Termites blamed for Dell'z Vibez closure, but new plans in the works for the juice biz

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Dellz Vibez' storefront is empty - KINSEY GIDICK
  • Kinsey Gidick
  • Dellz Vibez' storefront is empty

Dell'z Vibez (569 C King St.) has closed. The juice and smoothy bar, part of owner Maudell Grayson's Dell'z Deli (1-A Cannon St.) and Dell'z Uptown (511 Rutledge Ave.) healthy food trifecta, has been cleared out due to termite issues says Grayson's daughter and Vibez manager Smarel Nicole Brown. But even though the space has shuttered, Brown says the juice business continues.

"We're going to be offering juice at Dell'z Uptown and Dell'z Deli starting in January," Brown says. A line of more shelf-stable delivery juices are also being planned. 

In addition, Brown is launching a personal consulting wellness business. "It's called Well with Smarel," says Brown. "It will teach people how to think well, eat well, and be well." The certified raw food chef plans to give classes at Dell'z Uptown and offer clients everything from courses in how to shop healthy at the grocery store to how to eat well throughout the work week. 

And, while she's staying mum about the details, Brown also revealed that another juice bar location is in the works that would "allow people to grab some juice on the way to airport." 

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