Jack's Cafe owner honored by CofC faculty and student body

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The last time we talked to Jack Sewell in October, he was leaning over the flattop at his eponymous cafe, feeding throngs of hungry fans days before his retirement. But today, the short order cook was back on George Street, his home base for 42 years, receiving an honor from The College of Charleston. CofC students and faculty awarded Sewell with "A Resolution Celebrating Jack's Cafe."

President Glenn McConnell presented the award to Sewell this morning in the Randolph Hall Boardroom. The document states:
"that the Faculty Senate of the College of Charleston hereby acknowledges the pride and passion that Jack Sewell demonstrated for the culinary arts; ... expresses its gratitude to Jack Sewell for providing a special dining experience for forty-two years; ... and hereby conveys its highest respect, admiration and thanks for the lasting and transformative impact that the original Jack’s Café has had on the College of Charleston community and the city of Charleston."

Hear, hear!

Following a remodel after Sewell's departure, Jack's Cafe reopened in January and is now owned by Nancy and Edward Flynn.

The Resolution in its entirety is below. Congrats, Jack.
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