visits Nana's Seafood & Soul

No joke



#CamerasOnDeck w/Chef Sean Brock and

A photo posted by NANA'S SEAFOOD & SOUL (@nanasseasoul) on visited Nana's Seafood & Soul Tuesday afternoon. The Line Street restaurant posted an Instagram image of a film crew with the caption "#CamerasOnDeck w/Chef Sean Brock and"

The Onion tag had us worried, but turns out the shoot wasn't a spoof. Rather, the film was produced by The A.V. Club, a website published by Nana's owner Kenyatta McNeil confirmed the A.V. Club was on hand filming a segment for a webisode called "High Low." And while Brock wasn't visible in the image, McNeil says he was there.

No word on when the episode will air, but we're happy to see Nana's getting what will hopefully be a Brock-bump — you know, like a Colbert-bump but foodier.

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