VIDEO: The AV Club visits McCrady's and Nana's Seafood & Soul

How many foodies can you fit in a Fiat?


Two months ago, Nana's Seafood & Soul restaurant posted an Instagram picture that said was in the house filming a video. We immediately feared the satire site was there to clown on one of the city's best Geechee cafes. Why else would the Onion be there? As it turns out it was actually the website's affiliate publication, the AV Club filming an episode of "The Hi-Lo Food Show," a web series where hosts Josh Modell and Erik Anderson "visit a city and eat at two restaurants, one very expensive and one very cheap" — a.k.a. two guys driving around in a Fiat sweating and snacking.

As it turns out Nana's was the "Lo" stop for the episode. Husk GM Dan Latimer, a food mensch who could probably tell you more about dining in this city than most top chefs, took Modell and Anderson to the Line Street spot for Lowcountry seafood. And while it wasn't the most riveting web show we've seen, at least Nana's got some love. 

Not to be outdone, Husk sister property McCrady's also got the Hi-Lo Food Show treatment as the "Hi" stop, and complete with a Sean Brock cameo. This one, sadly, was even less exciting, unless you enjoy watching large men eat. If that's your thing, here are both for your viewing pleasure. 

Nana's HiLo Food Show episode:

McCrady's eipsode:

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