Wild Card Round 1: Westbrook Gose vs. Freehouse Sourlina Peche

Craft Beer All-Star Showdown



The Craft Beer All Star Showdown lets City Paper readers choose between two Charleston beers in our weeklong showdown. Check out the full bracket below. Today's first match-up is Westbrook's Gose vs. Freehouse's Sourlina Peche.Voting for this match-up ends at 3 p.m. TODAY.

Sourlina Peche by Freehouse
American Wild Ale, 5% ABV

To make this brew, Freehouse harvested wild yeast from peaches in Monetta, S.C. The result? A tart, naturally carbonated, earthy beer.

Gose by Westbrook
4% ABV

You gotta be cool with salt to get down with Gose. Luckily this isn’t a briny sip. Rather, this sour wheat beer is a wacky blend evoking flavors of coriander and lemon rind. Pair it with ceviche for a super savory supper.


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