Wild Card Round 2: Coast's 32/50 Kolsch vs. Westbrook's Gose

Craft Beer All-Star Showdown



The Craft Beer All Star Showdown lets City Paper readers choose between two Charleston beers in our weeklong showdown. Check out the full bracket below. We're on to round two today in Wild Card. Today's second match-up is Coast's 32/50 Kolsch vs. Westbrook's Gose.Voting for this match-up ends at 9 p.m. TODAY.

32/50 Kolsch by Coast
4.8% ABV

Carbonation meets creaminess in this year-round COAST brew. This easy sipper imparts honey and light malt flavors as well as the taste of earthy hops, but it finishes dry.

Gose by Westbrook
4% ABV

You gotta be cool with salt to get down with Gose. Luckily this isn’t a briny sip. Rather, this sour wheat beer is a wacky blend evoking flavors of coriander and lemon rind. Pair it with ceviche for a super savory supper.


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