Dark Beers Round 2: Holy City's Pluff Mud Porter vs. Coast's Blackbeerd

Craft Beer All-Star Showdown



The Craft Beer All Star Showdown lets City Paper readers choose between two Charleston beers in our weeklong showdown. Check out the full bracket below. We're on to round two today in Dark Beers. Today's first match-up is Coast's 32/50 Kolsch vs. Holy City's Pluff Mud Porter Voting for this match-up ends at 3 p.m. TODAY.

Pluff Mud Porter by Holy City
American Porter, 5.5% ABV

True to it’s viscous namesake, Holy City’s Pluff Mud porter looks the same color as the earth in Charleston’s marshes. Chocolate and toffee flavors might make you think this is a heavy drink, but the relatively light ABV allows for multiple cans worth.

Blackbeerd by COAST
Russian Imperial Stout, 9.3% ABV

One of Charleston’s cult brews, COAST’s Blackbeerd is as legendary as its namesake pirate. First, it’s a super strong beer (the strongest in the state when it was first released in 2007), and, second, it was the premiere commercially released barrel-aged beer in 2009. How does it taste? Well it depends on which batch you’ve tried. The latest round was aged in 3-year-old Willett Rye barrels, and it’s a dark, sweet, rich blend with chocolate, bourbon, and rye notes from the barrel.


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