Frothy Beard Brewing gets a big investment from long-time S.C. politico Wesley Donehue

Politics and pints


Wesley Donahue (in bow tie) joins Frothy Beard's business partners - PROVIDED
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  • Wesley Donahue (in bow tie) joins Frothy Beard's business partners
Push Digital CEO Wesley Donehue, a long-time S.C. politico and chief digital strategist for Marco Rubio for President, alluded to some big news on Instagram earlier today. In a photo that looked like a reprisal of PubPolitics, an online political show at a bar he hosted with Democratic Statehouse aide, Phil Bailey, his caption read: Something is coming. Now we have the scoop. Donehue has announced he's partnered with Frothy Beard Brewing Company.

In an email from the brewery business partners, Steve McCauley, Joey Siconolfi, and Michael Biondi state: 
“Frothy has a dedicated following from beer geeks who are looking for something completely different. Now we’re going to be able to expand not just that following, but also many beer drinker’s taste buds."
Donehue, who you may have seen in Buzzfeed's "Marco Rubio's 'Knife Fighters'" story this weekend, has long been involved in the South Carolina craft beer industry. His agency assisted in the legislative and marketing efforts to pass the South Carolina Pint Law and Stone Law. Now it seems he's married his love of pints and politics. 

"I have a relationship with many other breweries. Coast is one of my favorite breweries in the nation and their owners are close friends, but I love the creativity coming from Frothy and they were actively looking for someone with my business and marketing experience," Donehue says. 

The next step in the new partnership will be expanding Frothy Beard. Donehue wouldn't reveal the brewery's next location, but does say, "We are close to signing a lease at a location in downtown Charleston. I'll just say it's close to other recent brewery news."

But while Donehue will be hands-on in the new brewery build-out, the data-driven dapper man says he'll leave the brewing to his partners, adding, "I'll be getting my hands dirty when I can, such as with a beer celebrating this big announcement."

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