Wet Willie's closure was CP's most read food story this year

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Before we go all auld lang syne on this year, it's every journalist's duty to scratch together a summary of the past 12 months. I wrote up what I thought were the top food stories of the year for this week's issue, but just to see how close I got to being right, I asked our web editor to pull 2015's five most read food stories by page views.

Welp, come to find out I was way off. Turns out the No. 1 story wasn't farm-damaging floods or FIG chef Jason Stanhope's James Beard award. Instead, the most read food story on our website was about the closure of a bar that's held a special, frozen, most likely neon-blue place in Charlestonians hearts for years — Wet Willie's. 

I get it, guys. I too felt a pang of nostalgia thinking back on a fuzzy day in 2004 when the mesmerizing swirl of the alcohol-laden slurpee machines lured me in. There, in that sticky-floored space, the notion of singing karaoke always seemed like a super instinct and the joy of slamming grain alcohol the color of Elmo was only bested by the thrill of pop-n-locking on Wet Willie's all too empty dance floor. You haven't witnessed true happiness until you've seen the smiles on a group of Call a Cab-slurping tourists' faces watching a frumpy 21-year-old dance alone mid-afternoon in a chain daiquiri bar. (You're welcome, Ohioans.)

So here's a special, final farewell to Wet Willie's. Fair winds, sweet, sweet, goddamn those are sweet daiquiri drinks. May we never forget your icy wonders and the blinding hangovers they imparted on us for 22 beautiful years. 

And now here's the full list of 2015's top five most read food stories on charlestoncitypaper.com:

5. Restaurant Impossible filming in Summerville

4. The Blind Tiger closing at its current location

3. Watch Anthony Bourdain, Sean Brock, and Bill Murray talk about keeping Charleston a secret on Parts Unknown

2. Watch Bourdain, Brock, and Bill Murray's Parts Unknown trailer 

1. Wet Willie's calls a cab and closes after 22 years

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