$1,000 reward to the person who returns Aaron “Fiery Ron” Siegel's notebook

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$1000 REWARD. I WILL WRITE A CHECK NO QUESTIONS ASKED. My composition book containing about 180 pages of notes regarding our soon to be new restaurant on Williman St. disappeared from the construction site late last week along with my tape measure and a sketchbook. I could give two craps about the sketchbook and the tape measure. But that book was my life for the last year and a half. I admit it....I'm a moron. I left it there in an insecure place but somebody else removed it and it never returned. Life will go on. The restaurant will open...I think...even with out the reappearance of the notebook. To quote a guitarist with a missing finger .... "I will get by" ....but damn i feel like I lost my best nerdy friend. I promise that notebook contains the most boring crap you have ever read. It just can't have any meaning to any one else besides my strange ass. Return this book to one of our stores or the construction sight or wherever and I WILL CUT YOU A CHECK FOR $1000 ABSOLUTELY ZERO QUESTIONS ASKED. It could be in the bushes or the trash somewhere. Email your office....repost this.....retweet this.... I'd much obliged for all of it. Love you all and see you in the new Bbq shack downtown real soon. Regards, @fieryron

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Ever lose your notes before a big test? Then perhaps you can sympathize with Aaron Siegel, owner of Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ. Deep in the midst of construction on his third Home Team on Williman Street, Siegel's notebook containing 180 pages of notes about the new restaurant has gone missing.

Desperate to get it back, Siegel has put out a call tonight on Instagram asking for any information on the book's whereabouts. Siegel writes, "Return this book to one of our stores or the construction site or wherever and I will cut you a check for $1,000 absolutely zero questions asked."

Given the fact that Siegel says it's "filled with the most boring crap you've ever read," it doesn't sound like whoever found it is picking up trade secrets. Which means the culprit must be some down on his luck writer looking for paper. Too bad the average composition book only has 200 pages. The poor schmuck who nicked it will never be able to write the Great American novel in 20 pages. So whoever you are, be a sport. Give the man back his book and you can buy all the composition books you want.


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