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New year, new hive


1085 Morrison Drive will be the new site of Butcher & Bee - KINSEY GIDICK
  • Kinsey Gidick
  • 1085 Morrison Drive will be the new site of Butcher & Bee
After five years of serving sandwiches at 654 King St., Butcher & Bee is moving. Publicist Andrea Felber says that the Bee will being going into what was going to be The Workshop at 1085 Morrison Drive. Meanwhile, owner Michael Shemtov's fancy food court project slated to open at the forthcoming Pacific Box & Crate development at 1505 King St. will be called The Workshop.

Catch all that?

It's a bit confusing. And a bit mystifying. Especially on the heels of B&B's recent Kickstarter campaign.

Last month Shemtov posted a Kickstarter asking for $70,000 in funding to "support creative projects inside of our restaurants." The campaign failed to meet its goal, but Felber says Butcher & Bee's move has little to do with that. 

"Michael has been thinking of this in the back of his mind for a long time," says Felber. "Once he realized the Kickstarter wasn’t going to succeed, he refocused and readjusted his plans, but that Kickstarter number was very small. It wasn't going to make or break anything."

Instead, she says Butcher & Bee's move is more of a reaction to the success of Shemtov's Nashville B&B and will offer regulars things they've been asking for, like table service, breakfast, and more space.

The new B&B on Morrison Drive will seat 60 inside with 30 additional seats outside. "It will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner," says Felber. "And Chef Chelsea Conrad will be moving to the new space as well."

B&B's well known BYOB policy is also coming to an end. The new spot will serve beer and liquor. Late night's out too. 

"The new spot will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily," says Felber. The move isn't happening until May, however, and the current location will stay open until then. There are no plans to close or move The Daily either. 

"Lots of things are moving to that part of town," says Felber. "We're excited about it." 

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