Brown's Court Bakery burglarized last night

Cookie monster


I could almost forgive a perp for breaking into Brown's Court Bakery for a late-night cookie. Those treats are just that good. But to the jerk who broke in last night only to swipe the roughly $250 from the cash register, you are the worst. 

Lead barista Miles Boinest said he arrived this morning to find the front door crowbar-ed open. "Someone broke in in the middle of the night," says Boinest. There's about a six hour window before the evening baker leaves and the morning shift arrives, which is why Boinest thinks the robbers decided to only take off with the cash not touching the POS iPad and or a single pastry. "They even left the money in the tip jar which was so very kind," he adds.

Owner David Schnell is replacing the front door and lock today and Boinest says the team is looking into security systems. "The good news is everyone is safe," says Boinest. 

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