Chicken Shit Bingo was a preview of what's to come at Lewis Barbecue

Excrement included


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At Saturday night's Charleston Wine + Food's Chicken Shit Bingo - KINSEY GIDICK
  • Kinsey Gidick
  • At Saturday night's Charleston Wine + Food's Chicken Shit Bingo

I've never seen a more jovial lot than the guests at John Lewis' Saturday night Chicken Shit Bingo event. You give people enough beer and barbecue, then let them bid on where a chicken is going to drop a deuce, and you have the makings of a rip-roaring affair.

Now, some have balked at the fact that people were expected to pay $65 to watch a fowl foul up a game board, but to those folks I say, remember fun? It's that thing where your mouth inexplicably turns upward and exposes your gums. Often associated with uncontrollable dancing and laughing, the side effects may include improved complexion and likability. 

If shelling out $65 to watch a chicken shit gives me those kind of results, sign me up. Sure tickets to see author David Sedaris — $64.80 — would do the same thing for me, but that performance doesn't include food and drinks. So really, Saturday night's event was a bargain. Snacks and a surge of endorphins? Payless can't top that BOGO deal.

For those who feel the same, good news. John Lewis tells us that once his Lewis Barbecue is open, Chicken Shit Bingo will be a weekly feature.

"John hasn't decided what day of the week though," says his publicist Cat Taylor. But soon enough you can get your slap-happy fix at 464 N. Nassau St.


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