Here's the first look at Wise Buck Smoked Meats' menu

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FRESH PAINT for @damonwise1, @jonbuckley123 & @wise_buck | first of what may some day be referred to as The Meat Period at Limelight.

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I thought snack was my favorite term until I got a copy of Wise Buck Smoked Meats menu. Now I know the truth, snack boats is my fave. It may have been snack boats all along.

That's just the start of Wise Buck's offerings, the first restaurant to be revealed from chef Damon Wise and partner Jonathan Buckley who are opening three total concepts — concepts on concepts, y'all — at 23 Ann St. Their other two restaurants, Scarecrow and Feathertop, are also expected to open soon. 

In a press release, Wise says, “This is our most laid-back and casual concept. We kept every kind of eater in mind when developing the menu and think people are really going to enjoy what we’ve come up with.” Wise Buck will unlock its doors tomorrow at 11 a.m. As the restaurant name would suggest, the smoked-meat menu appears to take a page out of Artisan Meat Share's book with a list of hearty sandwiches and cuts of meat by the pound. There's also a list of sides like charred zucchini and smoked corn on the cob, which, based on an instagram pic Wise posted recently, looks pretty damn good. 

With the restaurant opening directly across from the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry, the partners had to have some sweets for the kids too. There are three desserts included. 

Take a gander.
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