Sean Brock's fine dining institution McCrady's announces move

Table for two, please


McCrady's Restaurant will move into the old Minero space this summer. - JONATHAN BONCEK
  • Jonathan Boncek
  • McCrady's Restaurant will move into the old Minero space this summer.

If you want to experience a traditional dinner at McCrady's, the likes of which the restaurant has become famous, best make your reservation now. By the end of the summer the restaurant off of Unity Alley will move into the old Minero space. The current McCrady's will then become a new restaurant called McCrady's Tavern.

That's the word from McCrady's PR team as of last night. Details are scant, but we're told that the new McCrady's will offer an "evolution of the McCrady’s tasting menu experience" and that the "current McCrady’s space will honor its rich history by transitioning back to its original purpose as a lively, everyday gathering place, and it will once again be known as McCrady's Tavern." 

Guess this means no fast/casual cheeseburger joint from Sean Brock anytime soon. Bummer. That said, a more relaxed atmosphere off of Unity Alley wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to East Bay Street. Especially if Brock and his team bring the Husk Bar magic to the venue. And we suspect this change will drive sales. A more affordable restaurant with Brock touches on what sounds like traditional pub fare is sure to bring the tourists in droves. And us too, of course.

But that's all conjecture for now. We'll keep you posted as details come in.

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