EffinBRadio to perform live at Theatre 99 on August 28

Can someone get Bill Murray on the line?


EffinBRadio creator Lindsay Collins will take her podcast to the Theatre 99 stage on August 28 - PROVIDED
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  • EffinBRadio creator Lindsay Collins will take her podcast to the Theatre 99 stage on August 28

I've long wondered why it is that Charleston, a city built on the backs of food and beverages employees, doesn't have an F&B-themed improv group. It makes perfect sense. This city is teeming with charismatic characters navigating Seinfeldian scenarios at restaurants across Charleston every night. Now, finally, someone is mining the industry for comedy gold. On Sun. Aug. 28, Lindsay Collins, creator of EffinBRadio podcast, will host Industry Night Live! at Theatre 99, a culinary sketch send-up. 

"We're going to open with stand up from Phil," says Collins speaking of frequent EffinBRadio co-host Phillip Michael Cohen. "Then there will be three restaurant-themed sketch comedy scenes, and a live interview with James Beard Award winning FIG chef Jason Stanhope. It's going to be way more fun than working brunch on Mother's Day."

Stanhope joins a cast of characters from across local restaurants. FIG owner Adam Nemirow is one of Industry Night Live's writers, pop-up ramen guru Jeffrey Stoneberger will emcee, and of course Bad Bitch and EffinBRadio co-host Nikki Anhalt will also make an appearance. 

But the real get will be if Collins can convince Bill Murray to appear. "We've written a sketch specifically to feature Bill Murray. The only problem is none of us have ever met Bill Murray. So in a sense we are sending up a Bat signal, hopefully to summon the elusive comic," says Collins. She's so determined, she's asked us to publish the following letter to the comedy great.

Dear Mr. Murray,

There is a part written for you in one of the sketches for Effinbradio Live to be performed on August 28th at 8 p.m. Only you can play it. Please call 1 (803) 671-2501. It's urgent.


So there you have it, Bill. Call now. 

Tickets to Industry Night Live go on sale this Thurs. July 14 and are $12. The show starts at 8 p.m. Click here for more information. 

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