Eat This Tonight: Octopus

What has eight legs and tastes delicious?


We're thinking something fishy for dinner sounds good tonight. How about octopus? Here are a few places around town that are serving up savory cephalopods.
Tonight Chez Nous is serving octopus terrine - PROVIDED
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  • Tonight Chez Nous is serving octopus terrine
Chez Nous
Octopus terrine
Broom closet-small French restaurant Chez Nous is serving an Octopus Terrine braised with onion and a few herbs and then tossed with paprika and parsley tonight. It's garnished with lemon and olive oil, and served with house-made potato chips to balance out the texture. It’s a simple dish with a lot of flavor that will run you $13.

Le Farfalle's octopus carpaccio - PROVIDED
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  • Le Farfalle's octopus carpaccio
Le Farfalle
Octopus Carpaccio
Le Farfalle opened its Beaufain Street doors just a few weeks ago and is already making a name for itself. For his octopus carpaccio, Chef Michael Toscano braises and presses the octopus the night before. The dish is then topped with pickled eggplant and roasted tomato. The plate is $14.

Fish's octopus is served in an artichoke barigoule - PROVIDED
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  • Fish's octopus is served in an artichoke barigoule
Octopus petite plate
King Street mainstay Fish first cooks its octopus sous-vide with olive oil and a few spices. The octopus is then hard seared for texture and placed on top of an artichoke barigoule stew containing olives, tomatoes, and bacon. This small plate is available regularly for dinner and costs $12.

Coda del Pesce
Grilled Octopus
Enjoy grilled octopus with a seaside view. Local watermelon, olives, roasted tomatoes and peppers accompany this octopus antipasta dish garnished with Sicilian olive oil and vinegar for $13.

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