Parlor Deluxe's month-long guest chef series kicks off

Dog days of summer


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Mick Matricciano takes over Parlor Deluxe tonight - PROVIDED
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  • Mick Matricciano takes over Parlor Deluxe tonight
For the next five weeks, Chef Emily Hahn of Parlor Deluxe will yield control of her hot dog haven every Monday to a handful of local guest chefs. From Jeffrey Stoneberger of 2Nixons to recent Chopped winner Vandy Vanderwalker, each chef will introduce their own unique dog. 

"Folks will have to stop by to find out exactly what sort of hot dog creation they are cooking up each week," says PD publicist Allie Maietta. Mick Matricciano of Cannonborough Beverage Company starts things off tonight and you might be asking yourself, what kind of hot dog does a soda jerk serve? 

"We're doing a Radler grapefruit elderflower and IPA, boozy soda floats, and a wine-based cocktail with our peach verbena soda," says Matricciano. "For my dog, I had to go with the classic Detroit style coney. I made the chili with lamb, and I'm topping it with yellow mustard and chopped onion."

Whether it's soda cocktails or quirky dogs you're looking for, get your Trapper Keepers out and pencil in this Parlor Deluxe take-over line-up:

August 8th - Mick Matricciano, Cannonborough Bev Co.
August 15th - Kevin Getzewich, Indaco
August 22nd - Sarah Adams, The Bad Bitches
August 29th - Vandy Vanderwarker, The Ordinary and Drew Tursi, Le Farfalle
September 1st - 2Nixons
The pop-up series begins Monday at 5 and runs until 10 p.m.



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