Bill Murray signed The Alley's 'Ghostbusters' pinball machine, because of course

Just another Bill Murray sighting...


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If you've ever been privileged enough to be sitting at your favorite Charleston bar and witness Bill Murray walk in, you know the sound of a dozen hushed glances toward the Holy City's adopted comedian-laureate.

You can imagine the scene at The Alley when Murray, the man who brought Dr. Peter Venkman to life, stepped up to the Ghostbusters' pinball machine and made his mark.

Murray is a regular at The Alley and has shown up for a few frames and a few bites since the bowling alley sports bar (voted Best of Charleston in 2015 & 2016) opened a few years ago.

Murray has kept a residence in Charleston for years and is known for dropping in at bars and restaurants around town and disappearing like Kaiser Soze. Coincidentally, the Marlon Wayans Netflix series that's filming in town this week is a remake of a Swedish film from 2000 which was inspired by Murray's Groundhog Day. No word if there's a relationship there.

Pinball pro-tip: Pinball Map is advising me that The Alley is currently hosting the Ghostbusters Premium game. So, if you stop by and master that machine, Recovery Room has the slightly modified 'Pro' version of the machine.


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