The Gin Joint becomes a pop-up bar starting next Friday

Santa's comin' to town


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The Gin Joint is no longer the Gin Joint starting next Friday, Nov. 25. Instead, the bar will become Miracle, an over the top holiday themed pop-up bar. We're talking Christmas lights, kitschy holiday decorations, and, of course, holiday-themed cocktails. If the concept sounds familiar, it's because Miracle bars have been popping up all over the country since 2014, when the pop-up first launched at Mace in New York City. Now located in over 30 locations across the country, Miracle pop-up bars spread good cheer with good booze.

Every Miracle bar will serve the same cocktail menu, crafted by Mace bartender Nico de Soto. Check out the cocktail list below. And if you're wondering about Gin Joint's pre-prohibition drink rules, worry no more. This list actually features vodka, too, which Gin Joint does not normally serve. The pop-up will be open during Gin Joint's regular business hours, Fri. Nov. 25 through Christmas Eve. 

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