Little Jack's Tavern is adding a raw bar

Raw power


The raw bar will be at the small end of the current bar - JONATHAN BONCEK
  • Jonathan Boncek
  • The raw bar will be at the small end of the current bar
Don't get it twisted, Little Jack's Tavern isn't turning into an oyster bar. Far from it. What we have learned, however, is that owners Tim Mink and Brooks Reitz are adding a "petite raw bar" to the end of Little Jack's existing bar to offer patrons a little something more.

"It’s not a new concept or any kind of change to what we already do," says Reitz. "Just a nice supplement that we think fits nicely with the concept of a classic joint."

And oysters won't be the focus of this new addition either — although they will be served from time to time. "It will be more focused on stone crab, shrimp cocktail, and seafood salads, including a couple of old school Charleston recipes we’ve uncovered," says Reitz.

Little Jack's raw bar joins similar options at 167 Raw, Pearlz, Hank's, Amen Street, The Ordinary, and of course Brooks' own Leon's. So why add another to the peninsula's raw seafood-eating options?

"We are adding this in the context of what makes sense for Jack’s and what is a nice addition to what we already offer, not necessarily thinking about this addition in terms of the city’s offerings as a whole," explains Reitz.

With that in mind, Reitz assures customers that the classic American tavern vibe will remain the core of Little Jack's concept. Don't sweat, that burger isn't going anywhere.

Look for the raw bar to be operating in the new year.

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