Donate $1 to the ACLU and get a free Revelator coffee

"These actions are a dark stain on our national conscience"


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Joining some 800 independent coffee shops across the nation, Revelator Coffee Company (550 King St.) is giving its guests an incentive to support the American Civil Liberties Union. For every $1 a guest donates to the ACLU, Revelator will give them a free coffee.

The fundraiser was organized by Sprudge, a website that publishes stories about global coffee culture. While Sprudge claims that it's typically apolitical, it takes exception with President Donald Trump's Executive Order "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States."
  • Kinsey Gidick

On its website Sprudge states, "We believe that the current executive order banning refugees from the United States and immigration from seven majority Muslim nations is illegal, immoral, and fundamentally un-American. Like a hot mug of drip coffee spilled on a crisp white apron, these actions are a dark stain on our national conscience, and as Americans, we feel compelled to stand up against them."

Sprudge and coffee shop partners like Revelator, Intelligentsia, and Stumptown have joined to support ACLU-funded lawyers defending refugees, immigrants, and their families.

Thursday a federal appeals court ruled Trump's travel ban will remain blocked meaning the citizens of the seven named countries in the executive order will continue to be able to travel to the U.S. However, the ACLU vows to continue to fight for immigrants' rights.

In a statement from the ACLU, Omar Jadwat, the organization's director of the Immigrants’ Rights Project, responded to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision saying:

“The appeals court’s refusal to reinstate the Muslim ban is correct. The government’s erratic and chaotic attempts to enforce this unconstitutional ban have taken a tremendous toll on innocent individuals, our country’s values, and our standing in the world. We will keep fighting this un-American executive order until it is permanently dismantled.”

To see all of the coffee shops supporting the ACLU, click here or check out Sprudge's map below.

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