John Hodgman weighs in on hot dog taco after one surfaces on North Charleston taco crawl

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John Hodgman is a world renowned comedian known for his work on the Daily Show, his writings in New York Times Magazine, and as the pleated khaki "PC" in Apple's famous Mac vs. PC commercials.

Hodgman is also an internet-renowned jurist. As the host of the Judge John Hodgman program (and NYT column), the eponymous host tackles life's hard truths with unflinching certainty and convincingly circuitous logic. Recent highlights include: Dragons, Diet Mountain Dew, visors as hats, and 'The West Wing' fandom.

The food product in question - RYAN JOHNSON
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  • The food product in question

As an unquestioned authority, the Judge has also been repeatedly dragged into the pop culture debate over whether hot dogs are sandwiches. As far back as 2013, Hodgman was parsing the finer details of sandwich construction to come to a conclusion. Though at one time he was in the 'Yes' camp, by 2014 Hodgman convinced himself of his errant ways and entered into a vicious feud with Sporkful host Dan Pashman.

Well today, when we posted a photo of the hot dog taco that was procured on a recent North Charleston taco crawl to Twitter, someone called in Judge Hodgman for a ruling. We didn't think there would be much of a debate, but Hodgman deemed the issue novel enough to render judgment.

The verdict:

In an exclusive follow-up with City Paper contributor Eric Doksa, who documented last week's taco crawl, we discovered that the hot dog taco ordered at Tiki Taco on Rivers Avenue is not actually on the menu. Doksa: "They have hot dogs and they have tacos. We requested they put a hot dog in a tortilla." According to Doksa, the order was made as a tribute to Robert Donovan, the tireless photographer of last year's local hot dog crawl and investigative reporter examining the status of hot dogs as sandwiches.

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