Here's what you can eat at High Water Fest this weekend

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So you scored tickets to this weekend's High Water Fest. Good for you, you lucky bastard. Now you gotta game plan. How are you going to make it through two full days of music in the sun while drinking without ending up in CP's Blotter?

Pro tip: Eat and eat frequently. But what, you ask, can you eat? Well, we've got the details on that for ya.

High Water has 12 food vendors lined up who will be parked within the festival gates. "The food and beverage options and events were coordinated by an internal team at AC Entertainment, which also puts on top music fests like Bonnaroo and Forecastle," says High Water publicist Katelyn Hudson. "They have a wealth of knowledge on how to schedule food vendors and how many to add to the programming to make sure lines don’t get out of hand."

And their selection is eclectic.

On the sweet end of things, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Diggity Donuts, and Knoxville's Savory & Sweet food truck will be on hand. The latter does double duty, serving everything from roasted pork tacos to key lime pie, so we're eager to check this truck out.

Over on the savory side, things are a bit more familiar. There are local options like Lewis Barbecue, Roti Rolls, and Dashi. But we also have some newbies to our mobile food scene.

High Water has recruited Southernmost Falafel which, true to its name, serves falafel along with funnel cakes, fried Oreos, and something called a Jerry Roll which, and I quote here, 
"was originally created by Louis Ruvo in the 1989 while on The Grateful Dead tour. The Jerry Roll is rolled with special egg roll skins purchased from a nook 'n' cranny noodle factory in Chinatown in Brooklyn. Rolled with six different types of fresh vegetables (red cabbage, white cabbage, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, and celery), the Jerry Roll is sprayed with LSD 25 before being cooked so you can see Jerry in your tent at night. It's cooked in a fryer at 375 degrees for a minute and a half to golden-brown perfection and then drained of excess oil. Next, the Jerry Roll is penetrated with tongs and filled with three sauces - a home-made duck sauce, soy sauce, and sriracha. And the best part is, for a dollar extra, we'll shove our meat in there (BBQ or curry chicken, or lamb). It's worth a dollar just to watch. It burns at first and chaffing goes away in about a week. Better drippin' down your arm than drippin' down your leg!" 
Take from that what you will.

Wilmington, Delaware-based Hebros Kitchen is harder to pin point. Judging by the truck's Facebook photos, the traveling kitchen serves a mix of comfort food like buffalo chicken, mac and cheese, corn fritters, hand cut fries, and rosemary chicken.

Don't worry weiner appreciators, you're covered as well. Kentucky's Dank Dogs will have all manner of hot dog options from brats to sausages while Jalapeno Corndog serves your classic fair-centric corndogs in addition to battered veggies and jalapenos.

And to close out the offerings, Dirt cover boy Cyrus Buffum's Seaborn Oysters will served and you should eat them. His Ol' Danger oysters are the real thing.

Rounding out your options is Pizza Nova, presumably pizza from Northern Virginia.

Over on the all important beverage lineup, attendees can have their thirst sated at "The Porch." "The tented area will feature rotating tastings from the nine different local breweries and will feature a giant bell in which they will ring to alert attendees when they are rotating out beers," says Hudson. Porch access is included in general admission tickets and there you can sip:

Lo-fi Brewing
Palmetto Brewery
Frothy Beard
Holy City Brewing
Cooper River Brewing
Two Blokes Brewing
COAST Brewing Co.
alongside pairings from Dr. Loosen Wines and Pax Mahle Wines

But again, don't forget to snack regularly. And hydrate. You're allowed to bring in one sealed bottled water, one empty bottle of water, and an empty "hydration bladder" under 12”x6”x12”. Drink up.


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