BREWSTERs unite to make a Holy City saison that benefits homeless women and children

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Holy City Brewing is tapping a special release on Friday (5/19) that will do more than just quench beer-drinkers’ thirst over the warm weekend.

One dollar from every pint of Madam Basil that the brewery sells will go to One80 Place, a Charleston organization that provides services, meals, and housing to the homeless. This is the third year in a row Holy City has brewed this specific beer as part of the BREWSTER Brews series.

Created by Tradesman Brewing co-owner Sara Gayle McConnell, BREWSTER (Building Relationships and Empowering Women Striving To Exist Responsibly) strives to get women involved in craft brewing.

“Women were the original brewers. They were the barmaids and they’d also actually brew the beer, “ Holy City’s Paul Pavlich says. “But in this huge craft beer surge that’s going on in America right now, it’s kind of looked at as a man’s industry. This is a way to show women they have a part in craft brew, too.”

Madam Basil was brewed last month with the help of 50 women, which was the max amount Holy City’s brew floor could accommodate. Pavlich says they had about 15 women RSVP the first time they hosted the BREWSTER series three years ago.

“Everybody gets to do some parts [in the brewing process] and the brewers take time to educate them on exactly what’s going on chemistry-wise,” Pavlich adds.

That chemistry created a saison brewed with basil that anyone who enjoys Holy City’s Washout Wheat is likely to love, especially considering what some of the proceeds are going towards.
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