Uneeda Sicilian is the latest pizza joint to pop up downtown

Peak pizza?



here it is, y’all.

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Do you need more pizza options on the peninsula? Uneeda Sicilian thinks so.

Ben Rabin's new pepperoni pusher popped up on Huger Street this week taking over the Once Upon a Treat space at the corner of Rutledge Avenue. So what makes Rabin's pies different from say Luke's, Renzo's, or the forthcoming Melfi's (all within walking distance of Uneeda)?
"We're serving Sicilian grandma pie that's thin crust square," says Rabin. And the menu is just as straightforward. Rabin is serving pies and slices in cheese, pepperoni, sausage and broccoli rabe, or sweet onion and rabe.

And in addition to that there's a salad, a sandwich, and one dessert.

"We have a roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and a caesar salad, and dixie pudding, Rabin says. "It's really streamlined. Everything here is even money, taxes are all included. We don't take coins. Everything is a whole dollar."

Beer and wine will be coming soon as well.

"I've been doing pizza my whole life. We were working for it a little while now and I think we have a fantastic product. It's very affordable and I think there's room for everybody. But we're a a style of pizza that's not represented," he says.

Uneeda is now now open at 624 1/2 Rutledge Ave. from 5-11 p.m. daily, but will open for lunch soon.

cheesy grandma.

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