Tu hosts three mouthwatering collabs this month

Cure for the Monday blues


  • Jonathan Boncek file photo
Tu, the newest concept from Joshua Walker Duolan Li and Joey Ryan, is as food critic Vanessa Wolf describes, "unabashedly hip, chic, and confounding, the menu reads somewhere between temptress and riddler."

If that gets your taste buds tingling, you'll really want to check out the new spot for the next three Mondays this month. Chef Josh Walker is mixing it up with heavy hitters Short Grain, Pub Fare, and Obstinate Daughter/Wild Olive Chef Jacques Larson.

On Mon. March 12, visit Tu for a Short Grain collab featuring hot pot, a Chinese soup made with a variety of meat, veggies, seafood, dumplings, etc. On the 19th, Pub Fare will be in the house slinging burgers and beef fat fries, and the normal Tu menu will be available for what's sure to be a unicorn like pairing of flavors.

Finally, on the 26th, Larson will join Walker for Noodles Without Borders dinner 4.0. This will be a complete takeover, and, if it's any thing like their 3.0 dinner  — which included menu items like mole with stuffed pasta and fresh cheese, squid ink spaghetti with nduja, black garlic sausage, and spaetzle — "good things are bound to develop."

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