Brewery District launches first beer collab with St. Patrick's Day celebration

Great minds, better beer


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CP writer Jessie Hazard recently wrote about the new peninsula "brewery district," a little under two and a half miles long, comprised of Revelry, Cooper River, Fatty's, Edmund's Oast Brewing Co., Munkle, Tradesman, and Lo-Fi.

The name was coined by the district's brewers, a genial group who are happy to collaborate because, as Edmund's Oast head brewer Cameron Read explained, "There are plenty of people out there who like to drink beer, so it's not like we're stealing each others' customers."  To celebrate this brew, and to officially christen this beer haven, head to Edmund's Oast Brewing Co. Sat. March 17 starting at 11 a.m. for the Charleston Brewery District beer launch party.

The first collab beer is a 6.1% honey-rye pale ale that uses American grown malt and hops, S.C. grown Seashore Rye from Geechie Boy Mill, and honey from Bee Well in Pickens, S.C. In addition to the pale ale, there will be beers from each brewery available a la carte. District brewers will be onsite to celebrate this momentous occasion. 
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