11 places to eat corned beef in Charleston on St. Patrick's Day

Feeling corny?


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Corned beef is as Irish as food can get, right? Well, not exactly.

Corned beef comes from an ancient tradition across Europe and the Middle East of preserving meat through salt-curing. From the 17th to mid-19th centuries, Ireland produced and exported vast amounts of corned beef, primarily sending it to the British and French colonies in the Atlantic. As demand for the meat increased, the land needed for pasteurizing cows increased. This led the Irish to farm potatoes on the small plots of less productive land. The beef they produced was too expensive for the native Irish to eat, so corned beef never became a national Irish dish. In the United States, however, Irish-Americans used corned beef as an alternative to bacon. Corned beef and cabbage is an Americanized version of the traditional Irish bacon and cabbage.

So, it’s an Irish-American tradition, but that’s still a reason to enjoy it on Saint Patrick’s Day! And there a few places in town that are offering the dish during the holiday:

At Shem Creek Bar and Grill’s Saint Patrick’s Day Party, they’ll be serving corned beef and cabbage as well as other Irish cuisines, like shepherd’s pie.

Frothy Beard Brewing is serving up its own corned beef and cabbage at their party along with live music, entertainment and, of course, beer.

You can also enjoy corned beef and cabbage and drink specials at Daniel Island's Tailgator’s Grill.

Blu Restaurant & Bar in Folly Beach will have corn beef and cabbage and corn beef sliders, as well as a menu full of Irish specials.

The Rooftop Bar at Vendue will be serving corned beef and cabbage sandwiches with their drink specials and Irish coffees.

Rusty Bull Brewing Co. is hosting their own Saint Patrick’s Day party with beer specials, live music, oyster buckets, and corned beef and cabbage.

Can’t make it to a Saint Patrick’s Day party to get your corn beef? These restaurants offer it even when everyone isn’t wearing green:

Seanachai offers the traditional corned beef and cabbage, as does Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub.

East Bay Deli serves a corned beef reuben daily.

Both Toast and Sunrise Bistro Xpress offer corn beef hash on their breakfast menus and corn beef reubens on their lunch menus.

Even if it’s not traditionally Irish, you can still enjoy corned beef and cabbage this Saint Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish-Americans.

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