You can now get your chickpea breakfast sandwich fix at Daps

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Daps' chickpea breakfast sandiwch - KINSEY GIDICK
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  • Daps' chickpea breakfast sandiwch
The neon D sign is lit and the doors are open over at the Westside's new breakfast hot spot. Jeremiah Schenzel and Nicholas Dowling's new Daps (280 Ashley Ave.) restaurant quietly unlocked its doors last week bringing with it all-day a.m. eats and our new favorite concept, breakfast wines.

Daps' drink menu is about twice the size as its food menu which is always a good indication of a solid brunch spot, but really Daps is the quintessential neighborhood cafe you'd pop in on the regular, grabbing a coffee and a chickpea egg sandwich — something my friend described as "like a sausage, egg, and cheese without the heartburn." Trust me, it's delicious.
  • Kinsey Gidick

Daps' vibe is chill. Three huge photos sit alongside one wall across from a short bar where early risers ate and scrolled the news this morning. An artist friend of Dowling's has graffiti'd the hallway leading to the bathroom with colorful scribbles while cactuses adorn the tables. You order at the bar and a server brings your food to your table inside or on the small adjoining patio. 
  • Kinsey Gidick
I only had an hour to spend at Daps, but this is the kind of spot you're going to want to linger longer.

Daps is open Wed.-Sat. 8 a.m.-10 p.m and Sun.-Tues. from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with brunch on Sat., Sun., and Mon. 

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