Counter Cheese Caves upgrades aging operation with new climate controlled 'cave'

You chedda believe it


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Nora Granger and Eric Casella are self-described "cheese lovin' fools." The co-owners of local cheese distributor Counter Cheese Caves have been working with cheesemakers, retailers, and wholesalers in NYC and Vermont over the past seven years, and Granger — who also works the door at FIG — was named a 2018 Eater Young Gun Semi-Finalist.

We've tasted samples of the good stuff at their pop-ups around town and can attest — they know their fromage.

Granger and Casella spent a couple of years working out of North Charleston food commissary KTCHeN, but are now set to move into their very own facility.

Order this beauty online for your next party - PROVIDED
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  • Order this beauty online for your next party
A statement from the two reveals why this new space (located at 3973 Rivers Ave.) will be more than just a room to call their own: "The most exciting part of this move will be finally living up to our company name, and storing the majority of our cheese in a cave (temperature and humidity controlled walk-in)."

That statement goes on: "This will be a clean space (think boots/lab coats/hairnets) where cheese will comfortably age, breathe and be maintained with respect to their styles. The substantial increase in space will allow us to not only store cheese in its ideal environment, but also to select entire batches from cheesemakers and take on long-age projects (up to a year in some cases), where we will cultivate flavors and textures specific to Counter Cheese Caves! The new spot will also provide us with a space to host tastings for wholesale clients. To be clear, this will not be a retail space."

You can order this cave-grown cheese online or join the company's weekly cheese share — like a CSA, but way more fun. 

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