Health-conscious donut company, Bib.On, closes up shop this week

Bib.On is Bib.Off


This weekend, Anne Caroline Bethea, owner of Bib.On donuts, announced on Instagram that her donut business was 'Bib.Off.' Bethea tells City Paper that while Bib.On has been her "biggest blessing" in Charleston, it's time to move on to new ventures. Bethea was steadily cooking up her final batches of donuts yesterday — be sure to contact her if you want to get one last taste of Bib.On's sweet goods.

When we first talked to Bethea this past May, she told us that her passion for eating clean led to her Bib.On donut recipe, one that was soy, nut, egg, dairy, and gluten free. And when we tried her donuts, well, we were pretty damn impressed. Chewy, sweet, — and nary a gluten in sight.  A Conway, S.C. native, Bethea moved to Charleston last year after leaving a stint with Ralph Lauren in NYC. Bethea is also a yoga teacher and plans on teaching yoga during this interim period, post Bib.On — and pre- whatever her next venture may be. "I'm happy to sit down for a bit and give myself the space for new ideas/ventures/connections to enter," says Bethea. "When we're 'clear' things naturally begin to unfold at a rapid pace."

Stay tuned for what Bethea's up to next. 

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