Edmund's Oast Brewing Co. brews malt liquor with Carolina Gold Rice

Old money, new beer


Edmund's Oast Brewing Co. recently collaborated with Baltimore's Stillwater Artisanal for a special malt liquor, Old Money.

The idea behind the beer, created by EOBC and Stillwater's Brian Strumke using Carolina Gold Rice from Anson Mills, was to create a good-tasting malt liquor.

Traditionally, malt liquor was brewed as an offshoot of the American light lager that used a higher percentage of rice to boost alcohol strength, which is patriotic AF.

Old Money is made with 450 pounds of Carolina Gold Rice and has a "crisp drinkability," according to EOBC's Brandon Plyler. The heirloom rice provides a "soft nuttiness and delicate starch haze." Sounds pretty great to us.

The beer weighs in at 6.5 percent ABV and you can snag four packs from EOBC for $14. 
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