Jackrabbit Filly announces they're launching lunch service starting this Wed. Feb. 12

O.G. bowls baby


In 2016 former CP editor Stephanie Barna wrote on ode to Short Grain's O.G. bowl, asking, "Who else is obsessed with Short Grain's rice bowl?"

Anyone in their right mind, turns out.

Jackrabbit Filly, the grown up, storefront version of that scrappy little pop-up that lit up that East Bay True Value parking lot has announced they're bringing back the lunch favorite. Starting this Wed. Feb. 12, JRFilly is launching lunch service to run weekly Wed.-Sat. Yes, they'll have the O.G.

Arrive right at 11 a.m. this hump day and let your friendly server know you'll have the sashimi over sushi rice with all the fixin's: masago, pickled ginger, spicy mayo, ponzu. Lunch service ends at 3 p.m. 
Location Details Jackrabbit Filly
4628 Spruill Ave.
North Charleston
Charleston, S. Carolina
Wed., Thurs., and Sun. 5-9 p.m.Fri. & Sat. 5-10 p.m.

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