Made In-House: Mac and Cheese with Swig and Swine's Anthony DiBernardo

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  • Ruta Smith

Everyone needs a go-to mac and cheese recipe, and this could quickly become yours. The key to a quality mac and cheese is all in the texture, and Swig & Swine's Anthony DiBernardo provides all the steps to ensure you serve a finished product the kids will request daily.

For the Mornay:

Butter: ½ pound

All purpose flour: 1 cup

Kosher salt: 1 tablespoon

Black pepper: 1 tablespoon

Milk: 8 cups

Shredded cheddar: 1 pound

For the mac:

Medium shell pasta (cooked al dente): 1 pound

Shredded cheddar: 1 pound

Chopped parsley: 3 tablespoons

Begin by making a roux for the mornay with the butter and flour, cook on low heat until the color gets deeper and the nutty aroma is released. Add salt and pepper.

Whisk in milk and continue to cook until thickened. Turn off heat and stir in 1 lb shredded cheddar.

In a mixing bowl combine pasta cooked according to package, chopped parsley and ½ lb cheddar. Add mornay and fold together.

Grease a large baking dish, pour mixture in and top with remaining cheddar. Bake at 350 F for 45 minutes until brown and bubbly.

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