Dex & Sara Romweber at Cumberland's


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The Dexter Romweber Duo — featuring singer/guitarist Dexter Romweber (formerly of the Flat Duo Jets) and drummer Sara Romweber (formerly of Let’s Active and Snatches of Pink) — are due in town for a fiery rock show at Cumberland’s on Tues. August 21 (with support from local trio The Dellortos). Their rough-edged vintage rock sound might surely frighten any White Stripes fan.

For scenes from a recent film titled Breaking Into the World of Spirit — a short about the brother/sister duo — check it out on YouTube here. "If you ask me what I want to do about music — it’s to express!” Dex tells the camera. “Express hidden dreams, broken dreams, hope and despair … I want to break into the world of spirit, basically.”

The first time I ever heard of the Romwebers or the Flat Duo Jets was in February 1985. I caught an episode of the excellent, late-night, monthly MTV series The Cutting Edge (an I.R.S. Records production hosted by Fleshtones singer Peter Zaremba) where they take a look inside Dexter’s spooky, shacky “mausoleum” in his family’s yard in Carrboro, N.C. (a “lonesome town … but then again, all towns are lonesome”). Thanks heavens for YouTube: here ‘tis as well.


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