Stone Groove series at Johnson's Pub, 9/6



Downtown hot-spot Johnson’s Pub (12 Cumberland Street, 843-958-0662) kicks off a new techno series called “The Stone Groove”” this Sat. Sept. 6. The first event of a monthly series of “multimedia turntablist performances of classic soul, hip-hop and rare grooves, melded with projected visuals of pop culture, animations and crowd participation,” features VJs Scrunchyface Flatbroke and Sonar. The gigs start at 10 p.m. They'll kick it on the first Saturday of every month.

“September 6 is the kickoff event for the party,” says Alex Rosen, one of the performers (also of Magic Bronson). “To add elements of inter-activity, the crew has a method of recording video of crowd participation then hacking it up and incorporating it into the visuals. By combining the old with the new and engaging the crowd, the Stone Groove aims to become a Charleston institution for classic music and modern technology.”

(pictured are two Stone Groove turntablists at the recent The Side Show event during Charleston Fashion Week)

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