Rehearsal space for bands now open



For years, local musicians and bands have struggled to find safe, secure, moderately sound-proofed, and remotely comfortable rooms in which to rehearse. The carpet-padded garages, blanket-lines laundry rooms, and drafty backyard tool sheds have never quite sufficed.

Fortunately, a new rehearsal space (with all mod cons) is set to open in the lower North Charleston area, just off of Dorchester Road. Musician and entrepreneur Kevin Dunnill recently announced the opening of a large, multi-room, climate-controlled, sound-proofed facility called The Hinge, located at 2516 Oscar Johnson Road.

The practice space’s home web page includes a self description: “The Hinge is a connecting point for musicians — a place for bands to rehearse and for individuals to either practice by themselves or meet some others to jam, a great way to network for shows, recording and publicity, a place to get ready for tour or to make your first gig happen.” Bands and musicians can rent small, medium, or large rooms by the hour for a reasonable rate. E-mail Dunnill at or check out more details online at

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