LIVE REVIEW: Josh Roberts & The Hinges



Josh Roberts & The Hinges

Thurs. Jan. 15

The Tin Roof

Josh Roberts once bought a bright blue, tye-dye ‘The Who’ t-shirt at a thrift store. Sometime later, a friend saw him wearing it and commented that he’d once had the same shirt. Of course, he’d given it to the thrift store where Roberts bought it.


Last Thursday at the Tin Roof, my roommate wore the same shirt, and was excited that the long haired, thick-glasses-wearing dude on stage had just told him that story. Roberts has all the attitude, nonchalance, and scruffy disregard necessary to cement his own Townshend-like rock stardom. The tight confines of the Roof breathed heavily whenever he dropped into the pulsing bass/drums pocket with his blaring electric hooks. When he sandwiched Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody” with a dark and dirty tease of The Door’s “Five to One,” it was evident to everyone present that Roberts was indeed in charge of our night’s destiny. The squeal-every-word-and-pump-his-fist frat guy up front knew it well, as did the ringing in our ears the next morning. —Stratton Lawrence

Josh Roberts & The Hinges return to Charleston for a show at Johnson's Pub on Sat. Feb. 21.

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