Sweet new Design



Raleigh-based, lady-fronted party-rock band Sugar (a.k.a. “Sugar the Band”) has become popular in Charleston for its mix of popular rock, funk, and pop tunes. Led by excruciatingly cute vocalist/guitarist Kat Whitaker (I know a local trumpeter who swears she’s the most gorgeous singer in the Carolinas), the quintet has delivered modern hits by Gnarls Barkley, Cake, and The Killers to classics by the likes of Janis, Cheap Trick, Van Morrison, and Journey over the last two years at various local Wild Wing venues and outdoor events.

The band recently announced a name a new game plan and a confusingly capitalized band name. “Sugar the Band will change its name to tHE DESIGN (with the kooky lowercase/all-caps thing) over the next six months,” reads a recent press release. “Same band , same great music.” Check them out at the Windjammer on Sat. April 4.

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