The least appropriate Mother's Day tune



479f/1241973494-synchronicity.jpg What’s the least appropriate song for a day like today? I vote for “Mother,” a song composed by guitarist Andy Summers. The fourth track on the Police’s final studio album Synchronicity (1983), “Mother” churns away in 7/8 time signature, accented with harshly metallic cymbal sounds, and droning, minor-key progressions. Summers’ guitar lines resembled the more sinister work of Robert Fripp during his band King Crimson’s early-’80s era. Exotic, disturbing, kinda psycho … it’s funny that it even made it into Synchronicity in the first place.

Summers also provides the vocals, which are more hollered and screeched than sung. The first verse goes like this: “Well, the telephone is ringing — is that my mother on the phone?/Telephone is ringing — is that my mother on the phone?/The telephone is screaming … won’t she leave me alone?”

This one is a far cry from the pleasant and darkly romantic Sting-pop of “Every Breath You Take,” “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” or “King of Pain.” It really sounds nothing like the Police (in that, it’s remarkably unique). Here's a sample of the song:

Don’t play this one any time near Mom during Mother’s Day.

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