Cowboy Mouth haiku

A two-peom review from the Windjammer



Cowboy Mouth at the Windjammer, 2011
Louisiana rockers Cowboy Mouth returned to the Windjammer last Sat. (Feb. 5) as part of their Rock ’n’ Roll Mardi Gras Tour. Singing drummer and ringleader Fred LeBlanc and the gang shared the stage with rowdy power trio Dash Rip Rock (his previous band!). The turnout was strong and the music was good and loud.

City Paper's Shelby Tamres caught the show, had a blast, and followed up with a two-poem review.

Cowboy Mouth haiku #1:

The name of the band
Is Cowboy Mouth- so Jennie
Says, throwing red spoons

Cowboy Mouth haiku #2:

High energy show
Crowd participation counts
Full house, dancing fools

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