The Tattooed Moose Celebrates Year One

Jen and Mike Kulick look forward to 2011



Jen Kulick of the Tattooed Moose and Voodoo Tiki Bar
  • Kaitie Gandy
  • Jen Kulick of the Tattooed Moose and Voodoo Tiki Bar
The Tattooed Moose (1137 Morrison Dr.) celebrated its first year in business this week with a big party and rock show on March 9. Local rock quartet Shaniqua Brown performed at the side “stage” where the small restaurant and tavern has been hosting bands for months.

The Tattooed Moose officially opened for business on March 9, 2010 in the old Kitty’s Fine Foods building (across from the Longshoreman’s building). With a huge moose head hanging behind the bar, they started serving craft beer, fun cocktails, and traditional deli sandwiches. The menu evolved and adjusted over the year. It now features various reworkings of pub favorites and barbecue joint fare.

Jen and Mike Kulick (also the owners of the Voodoo Tiki Bar in West Ashley) scored a huge hit with the succulent Duck Club Sandwich. They also started booking local indie bands for beer-themed Tuesday night shows. City Paper caught up with Jen Kulick on the eve of the Moose’s first birthday:

The bar at the Tattooed Moose

CP: What have you and the Moose team learned over the last year?
Jen Kulick: What have we learned? That we have to always be true to ourselves and do what we know in our heart is good, especially when it comes to the food. The booze part just comes naturally to us.

What is your goal with Tattooed Moose for 2011?
Jen Kulick: Our goal is to keep doing what we are doing, and just doing it better every day. The last big addition is going to be our new patio out front, which should be built within the next couple of weeks. It’s very exciting. We’ve always stayed on course tried to give people great service at a great value, in a fun, albeit sometimes a little tacky, atmosphere.

CP: How has the food and beer menu adjusted the most over the last year?
Jen Kulick: We wanted to let the place evolve organically. I like the fact that we can surprise people when they come. They expect just a burger and wing place, due to the atmosphere, and we are pulling duck confit, house-smoked chickens and homemade pickles out of our ass [laughs]. I would rather exceed peoples expectations than the other way around. I like the fact that we are accessible to everyone, you don’t have to be part of the elite to come to the Tattooed Moose and eat some amazing duck confit, with great reading material to boot.

CP: Did you have any idea that the place would establish itself so well as a music venue (Tues. nights?).
Jen Kulick: We threw live music in the mix, we’ve done some trial and error with the types of bands and performers, and I’m really glad that it’s something we’ve been able to add to the neighborhood, and to keep it free, so people can just come and enjoy.

The Tattooed Moose’s Good Beer Tuesdays series continues this month with live sets from Izzy and the Kesstronics on Tues. March 15, Lane Gregory on Tues. March 22, and Jamie Resch on Tues. March 30. Music starts at 9 p.m. Free admission.

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