AbundaTrade offers holiday deal

The local company launches Get Paid to Get Paid



In 2008, longtime local record shop Millennium Music closed its downtown store and created a web-centric company called AbundaTrade.com. The set-up allowed users to trade in their old CDs and DVDs in exchange for the latest electronics, such as plasma TVs, digital cameras, and iPods. They’ve done well with the site in recent years as an online reseller of CDs, DVDs, video games, and books.

This month, AbundaTrade.com launched a seasonal program called Get Paid to Get Paid. “This holiday, AbundaTrade.com is focusing on putting money into the pockets of Charleston shoppers by offering a special acquisition program at its Mt. Pleasant based warehouse,” says Operations Director Kent Wagner. Participants can submit a list of items they’re looking to sell with a total value of $50 or more, drop them boxes off at the warehouse with a list from the website, and get paid $10 cash on the spot for the delivery efforts. They’ll receive a PayPal payment or check for the total value of the collection within 48 business hours.

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