Healthy music from Patience Clements

The local songwriter earns a Parents' Choice Award



Charleston musician, songwriter, and educator Patience Clements has a new album handy — a nine-song kids’ record titled Vegetables on My Plate. The theme of the collection is aimed at healthy eating. The project began when Clements volunteered at Burns Elementary School in North Charleston.

“My assignment was to get the children of the school to eat the healthy snacks that were being provided,” Clements says. “I wrote these songs and went in weekly to play shows for each grade. Right away, I could tell I was on to something.”

Upon its release this winter, the album earned a 2012 Parents’ Choice Award for children. The Parents’ Choice Foundation has been reviewing and recommending quality children’s media for more than 33 years. Lahri Bond, from the Parents’ Choice Review, calls Vegetables on My Plate “a wonderful resource for parents, educators, and even nutritionists who wish to present children with a better awareness of their bodies and the food they choose to eat.”

Clements sang and played most of the instruments on the album. A sample verse from the snappy title track goes, “Broccoli looks good for me/It’s full of vitamins A and C/It’s big and green and looks like a tree/Oh, broccoli gives me energy.” Other verses touch on the beneficial characteristics of peppers, squash, cauliflower, zucchini, black eyed peas, and okra.

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