Megan Jean and the KFB release music video

The local duo hooks up with PBS in Bristol, Tenn.



Road warrior musical duo Megan Jean and the KFB have toured heavily through the Southeast this year, but somehow they found time to film and edit a new music video, their first-ever.

One of the scenes from the video or These Bones
  • c/o Megan Jean and the KFB
  • One of the scenes from the video or "These Bones"

Singer/guitarist/percussionist Megan Jean and her bandmate/husband, bassist/banjo player Byrne Klay, shot the clip for a new track titled “These Bones” in April while in Bristol, Tenn., where they were interviewed and filmed for an upcoming episode of PBS’s Music Voyager. Pix and PR/A Ryno Production edited the video for “These Bones” for the duo. "Them Bones" is one of the songs featured on a forthcoming studio album titled The Devil Herself.

“We are still on our never-ending tour,” Megan Jean reported this week. “We’ve played 300 shows since we started it in March, and we have no plans on slowing down. Things are going very well. At this point, 16 hours in the car just feels like another day at the office.”

Megan Jean and the KFB headline the Pour House on Fri. May 25. Visit for more.

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