Dubious Battles Releases First Single

Available on iTunes



Bad Deal (Goodbye, Tuesday)
When we were contacted by promoter and former radioman Joel Frank earlier this week about the new single from The Dubious Battles, we were shocked. After all, the Charleston super-group of Luke Cunningham, Tyler Mechem, and Ryan Bonner had only recently gotten together, so hearing that they had already recorded a track, "Bad Deal (Goodbye, Tuesday)" took us by surprise. Of course, we shouldn't have been shocked by just how good the tune is — it's a peppy little ditty with an infectious chorus that'll have you dreaming of backyard BBQs and beachside campfires. So, we've just got to ask, will there be more. "Right now there is no proper album in the works," says Frank, Cunningham's manager. "There are some ideas being thrown around for an EP but nothing concrete." Frank adds, "The boys have about 20 original collaborative songs in various stages of completion. Most likely every few months or so a new tracks will end up on iTunes or on the web." To hear "Bad Deal (Goodbye, Tuesday)," head on over to iTunes.

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